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Garden Way's Joy of Gardening - Dick Raymond I wish I knew Mr. Raymond - he seems like the perfect friend/neighbor. I can see myself tagging along behind him asking a lot of questions on gardening. He strikes me as a no-nonsense practical type of guy who wants everyone to grow pesticide free veggies all the while being a kind and gentle teacher. This is the kind of book on gardening he has written and it is a classic.

I don't need super pretty pictures as a beginner, I need facts and real tips. That is what you get in his book, each page has something that is useful. Dick is a big supporter of rich soil as a way to combat plant disease and increase harvests. I like that he was thinking sustainably even when it wasn't cool. He also has a neat way of planting tomatoes in trenches which makes sense. I also like that he is a bit of gambler, he starts some pants really early just to see if it will work. Who needs frost dates!?

It is also nice to see that he is a gardener in partnership with his wife (and she puts up the veggies too!).

Hopefully I will be able to find it at a book sale and keep it as a reference book.