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Death Comes to Pemberley - P.D. James I was very excited to win this from Goodreads as a give-away and the bonus was that it was a continuation of one of my all time favorites, Pride and Prejudice. Yay for lovely gifts.

The beginning is fairly exciting with a murder mystery to start the day (or rather night). Elizabeth, Darcy, the Bingleys and others are all there in full form. I thought the build up was well done as was the tension and drama of the actual event. But some of the characters are a little overdone, too dramatic if you will, (uhm Lydia) while some are just so darn boring. Darcy and Elizabeth are about as exciting as a fork and knife. And how many times do we have to hear how lucky it is that Darcy even considered Elizabeth to be his wife?

The big-bang mystery that we experience unfortunately is not all that complicated and it all gets resolved fairly neatly. I would have expected a bit more with the twists and turns. Something to keep the pages turning much more quickly. In the end, the novel didn't keep me thinking after the last pages were finished as I think a good story line should.

Overall all the novel was like getting a sweet candy after a period of abstinence. You really are craving the yumminess, but once it's done it leaves you feeling unsatisfied, and perhaps still even wanting more.

A charming time if you want to revisit Austen's world.