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Shadow on the Crown - Patricia Bracewell I think that everyone else who has reviewed this book has covered the basics.

It was an interesting look at a time period that I am not terribly familiar with; Emma of Norway and her reign as Queen. The narrative was well written but didn't keep me turning the pages and I didn't feel very connected to Emma or any of the others in her life. The beginning felt really slow, but it did get much better towards the middle to the end. The names also kept me on my toes, Althelred,Athelstan, etc. were important to keep straight.

I give Bracewell a lot of credit for taking a little known part of history and making it her own. I also did not mind any of the liberties she took. I felt that they were plausible and it was actually quite nice to see a strong female heroine.

I may pick up the second book to see what happens.