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Bossypants - Tina Fey I love Tina Fey; she seems like the kind of woman you could meet in a dressing room or at the park and voila! you are instant friends. She has that non-competitive, sisterhood karma. The audiobook she narrated translated that way but it wasn't as compelling or as interesting as I would think (hope) Tina's life has/been/must be.

There were some funny laugh aloud moments and the best chapters were on her progression from Second City Improv to having her own show. Go girl! It was also interesting to read the behind-the-scene action when she was portraying Sarah Palin at SNL. Talk about complicated.

Her teenage years at the beginning didn't fit well in the progression overall and weren't that funny and felt more than a little uncomfortable at times. I imagine there are a million others with the same stories of teenage angst and awkwardness; not a funny topic to begin with. It just didn't bring much to the overall 'getting to know Tina'.

Tina is awesome and I love her work which helped me get through some of the not so great parts. I can see this book being unappealing to non-fans. If you are a fan, it works as a light read, just don't expect to be rolling down laughing (unless you are the type of person who is easily amused).