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Fight Club - Chuck Palahniuk Different. Very different. For me an allegorical tale around the purpose in our lives. We all belong to one sort of "Fight "Club" or another. Somewhere to feel real, validated and included. For the narrator and Tyler Durden, I took their fight club to represent the struggle between being an authentic person versus conforming to a commercial version of success - absent any real connections with other human beings. Their fight club was a success because it allowed the everyday Joe to find meaning and that much-needed connection. Members had a purpose and belonged. The story was a bit uncomfortable and dark at times, but i suppose that these things are..

My favorite part of the book (as is usually the case) was the interview with Palahniuk. I am always fascinated by the writing process and I enjoy hearing about how the characters and themes within a book came to be. I loved how he was criticized for writing about "disturbing" situations and in response to the fear that he would compell others to "copycat", he stated that he couldn't possibly write anything that had not been already been done. So true.