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The Time Traveler's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger I am so in the minority it seems with this one. The concept reminded me a bit of [b:Outlander|10964|Outlander (Outlander, #1)|Diana Gabaldon|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1304187141s/10964.jpg|2489796] which I really didn't like; time traveling and true love that overcomes all odds.

Henry is the time traveling boyfriend and later husband to Clare his ever patient love interest. I really didn't care if or when Henry disappeared after a while because I was getting lost myself in the timeline between the two. The shifts in ages and the numerous Henrys wandering about were too much. Simpler is better.

There wasn't enough for me to really care about Henry as a person and after a while I just didn't like him. His gene disorder that causes him to hop about in time and end up wherever he lands naked and discombobulated could have been a good idea if he had been more thoughtful or interesting; he's in love with Clare because???

I think I liked Clare more as a child then as a teenager and later when she is an adult. Henry visiting Clare as a young child seemed odd, he knows they will be together later in life, but what the heck is he getting out of this time together? After a while, I was tired of Clare as well, she too felt hollow and like a poor little rich girl. She was also much too patient and it was hard to believe that she held on to Henry for so long, especially since the reader doesn't get to know very much about who she is or what is motivating her..

I also thought that there was a bit much around crude language that didn't help me to love either character. There were also situations that were hard to make believable such as the whole football player incident.

This weird relationship with Henry popping up wasn't romantic in my world. I kept waiting for the book to pull me in and to see why everyone seems to like it. It didn't happen.