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Feed - Mira Grant First, let me share that I love the dystopian nature of zombies and the possibility that in the name of progress scientists could screw things up so royally that *bam*, we accidentally trigger an epidemic of flesh-eating humans! So with that said, I was very excited to read Feed. The teaser description for the book also promised much.

Overall it was a story that I got into but it definitely could have been made much stronger. The story revolves around a brother/ sister journalist team that survives professionally and financially by blogging about the zombie outbreak. They live on ratings, followers and overall internet standings. This pair is chosen to accompany a presidential candidate on the campaign trail where accidents and a cover-up are brewing.

My major complaint, is that there were some confusing parts around the different zombie zones and the clearances needed to enter each. Several times I had to re-read portions and in some places I think there were typos because it just didn't make sense otherwise. Inconsistencies also made me scratch my head. People were either afraid of being in large groups after the zombie outbreak or were not, it can't switch back and forth.

I also was a little taken aback by the amount of technology in some parts of the novel but no explanation was given as to the inability of the government to control zombies with a weapon more sophisticated than a handgun. I wish this had been acknowledged or addressed. Overall, lots of good ideas but not a complete execution.