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A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens This was my second time reading A Tale of Two Cities! The first being in high school. Although there is a lot of detail and very long sentences, these two things appeal to me as a reader.

Book One and Book Two set up the novel for a fantastic ending. Social inequality and revenge is at the heart of the story in my opinion and both play out well. Dickens was skillful in showing how dogma even if for the right cause, can sweep up the innocent in a large net.

I admired the attorney, Sydney Carton and was silly enough to hope that in the end his life would be spared. Even though Mrs.Defarge had suffered tremendously in the past, I still could not forgive her ugliness to Lucie and her family. The complete opposites in good and evil.

I missed the humor that often shines through in his other books, but hey, a revolution is serious business.