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Feed - M.T. Anderson While reading the first two chapters I was like 'what??' The teen speak of the future was tangling up in my brain. But I did eventually get it.

MT Anderson introduces us to Titus and his friends who are on a trip to the Moon for Spring Break. While visiting, their 'feeds' are hacked. Feeds are how most people in society function; a mechanism that provides instant access to any and all information. You like purple pants then viola, purple pants in your size and in every style are readily available and can be bought and shipped in an instant. I visualized it as having the internet running in your head non-stop.

While on the moon Titus meets Violet who is very different and doesn't automatically follow the herd or 'feed' as it were. The two begin a romantic relationship and Titus is very interested in Violet's 'different' ways of thinking and living. Apparently Violet was late to the game in getting a feed and grew up in a more traditional household and has been home schooled.

The scary part is that most of what Anderson portrays in this book feels like it could (or might even already be)happen. Our spending is already tracked and we are very easily persuaded as to the latest and greatest styles to be worn by the ubber fashionable. I was struck by how shallow everyone appeared to be and the escalating self destruction. I won't give away the end but it is very powerful. This was very well done and a great book for anyone; not just teens.