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The Book Thief - Markus Zusak Breathtaking. And a book to keep the reader thinking for days and weeks afterwards.

The narrator is Death. He is quirky, sarcastic, sad and a bit mischievous. Be warned as he loves to throw in spoilers throughout. His viewpoint is that humans are contrary beings and seem to purposefully want to make his job more difficult.

The start of WWII is the perfect intersection of madness and war that tires him out. Death never stops and he uses colors to describe the intense situations he often finds himself in.

Liesel is a young girl living in this time period and although Death often sees her; she seems to escape his grasp for the time being.

After a harrowing trip on a train she ends up as the foster child of a German family who nurtures her love of books and writing. It was so satisfying to see her develop this passion; I also enjoyed her beginning exercises in reading that happen with Hans, her step-father.

How complicated and adult-like must of been the lives of children during this time; one that I can't imagine.

This was a buddy-read and I would highly recommend reading it with another person so that you can process the intense feelings this book seems to bring out.