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Elizabeth and Her German Garden - Elizabeth von Arnim Gardens. Mine is a work in progress and I spend way too much time looking at seedlings and measuring daily growth and progress. I wonder about my neighbors who have professional firms come in to clip, blow, and mulch all the sameness into perfection. So I could certainly relate to Elizabeth and her escape into her own garden.

However the big difference is that I can choose when and how much time I will spend in my garden, with my children and on my career. Elizabeth is much more constrained and escapes to the country as to not have to deal with social norms and her husband 'The Man of Wrath'.

The book is full of her observations and short quips. My favorite: “When I got to the library I came to a standstill, - ah, the dear room, what happy times I have spent in it rummaging amongst the books, making plans for my garden, building castles in the air, writing, dreaming, doing nothing.”

I can relate.