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Elizabeth the Queen: The Life of a Modern Monarch - Sally Bedell Smith Just awful, if an author is going to propose a biography of a well known figure, at least have the courage to acknowledge a bias or predisposition to a certain viewpoint. This so-called biography is laughable. Yes she had access to "never before seen documents", but shouldn't we have heard some of this before? Somehow the author knows what Princess Diana's children and Tony Blair were thinking and their thoughts always paint Diana in the worst light possible. Really! Very National Enquirer-like. Diana is a scheming meany who the Queen tries over and over to engage. I think that listening to the audio version allowed me to pick up much more than I normally would have through reading.
The beginning of the book sped along well with the Queen a picture of perfection and duty. In the middle things got ugly. The ridiculous behavior of Prince Phillip and the other royals is minimized and excuse after excuse is made; its all about duty darling. Give me a break!