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The Stranger's Child - Alan Hollinghurst This reminded me of The Children's Book a similar mood and cast of characters. Secret relationships, betrayals and poetry are at the center. Cecil Valance is a guy for every occasion and is loved by everyone, drawing them in with his charisma and sexual magnetism. He visits his lover's home, Two Acres, and completely charms his sister. The visit will have effects on generations to come. She is much too innocent to see her brother and Cecil's undercurrents of passion. This all happens in the first part.
The book is divided into additional sections where a different timeframe and relationship to Cecil, who becomes a famous poet posthumously, is explored. The selfishness of our memories and the difficulty of relying on individual perceptions to create a legacy are the most interesting bits in the book. You have to wonder how reliable human narratives and histories really are when social norms dictate how we think people are, act and love... the truth can and does vary from person to person. We humans are so complicated and each person's truth is their own. I will definitely read more of this author.