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Hideous Kinky - Esther Freud The most loveable and intriguing part of this story was that it was told from the perspective of 5 year old Lucy. And even more so was Freud's ability to keep the magical thinking and ideas of Lucy throughout the book which left me wanting more.

Lucy sees all as an adventure and makes keen observations about the adults around her including Mum. Bea who is older is more practical and longs for a more normal and less outrageous Mum.

The story begins with Lucy's mother deciding to go to Morocco with her two young girls, Lucy and Bea. Although the book does not give a timeline, I assumed that it was sometime in the 60's and Mum is on a quest for her spiritual self. As the story unfolds the reader is wrapped up in their adventures as they meet an assortment of wacky characters including The Fool and the Nappy Ladies.

A traveling circus performer, Bilal, becomes a makeshift father figure for the girls bringing some security to their lives. He cares for them and provides a sense of stability to their mother's otherwise sporadic adventure-seeking missions. I loved how they continuously tried to conjure up ideas to make money including having Lucy train as an acrobat.

The girls are amazingly precocious and love to play tag all while screaming their favorite words "hideous" and "kinky".