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They Take Our Jobs!: And 20 Other Myths about Immigration - Aviva Chomsky Each chapter takes a look at different myths associated with immigration and uses data to disprove each issue. For example, in the chapter on immigrants taking American jobs, the author does a good job of showing how the job market is really elastic. The job market contrasts and expands - really with the ebb and flow of demand ~ the best point being that in times of population expansion there are more jobs and more consumers to support the economy. The influx of foreign immigrants is really a mechanism to create a stronger econonmy and does not take jobs from citizens.The book also gives a historical look at immigration and citizenship policy in the US giving insight to the often confusing and nonsensical approach our government has often adapted. Only in the last chapter are there some suggestions made as to how we might rework this complicated system. A good organized read for a complex subject.