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Kitty - Catherine E. Chapman 2.5**

Kitty travels with her sister and family on vacation to Bath. The banter between them all is fun and light but there are some things that bothered me. The author uses lots of nicknames or variations for the same nickname and at times it was difficult for me to figure out which person was being addressed.

The romance which is at the center happens really, really fast which makes it a bit unbelievable. Basically they meet and immediately fall in love. No build up, no questions, it's just there. Kitty also sneaks over to her beau's home alone which I thought was a very odd move to make for a Regency girl. She throws propriety to the wind in a very careless way.

It was a quick and fun (and did I say free) read and with some minor tweaks could be pretty good. The story could definitely be made a little longer. More character development is always a good thing.