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Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter

Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter - Tom Franklin This is not my usual kind of book to read. Contemporary fiction and books focused in the South generally don't appeal to me, so I really appreciate the groups I have joined here which have broadened my reading horizons, without a group read, I would certainly have missed this excellent novel.

The relationships and connections the author details kept me turning the pages and I finished this book in record time. It felt authentic and real. Every one of the chatacters were believable. From page one I couldn't stop turning pages. Any writer that can hook my attention completely and that fast has immense talent in my book. (no pun intended)

The story focuses on two men who although raised in the same town end up in vastly different life circumstances. One is a popular former athlete and the other is a social outcast who tends a failing automotive repair shop. Although there is a mystery at the center and encompasses both men, the family secrets and relationships are really the focus throughout. In the end I wasn't disappointed that some questions were left unanswered and some pieces were left open-ended. I'm not that great of a detective so I didn't figure out the end until it all came together, which made it even better.

The ending was heart-wrenching but still promised hope. I loved that. I also appreciated the way that race was woven thoughtfully and with purpose throughout.