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The Host

The Host - Kate Reading, Stephenie Meyer I was very skeptical when I first started this book. But boy did the narrator of the novel and Meyer really take me through a great adventure! I had the audiobook version which I listened to in bed every night. There were some evenings I was up for hours longer than I should have been just to find out what would happen next.

The setting is the future when earth has been invaded by aliens (Souls) who take over human physical bodies.I loved the story told from the perspective of a Soul - Wanderer (Wanda) who inhabits the body of Melanie Stryder. Even though Melanie is technically no longer alive as a human, her spirit continues to inhabit and intrude into Wanda's world. As time passes, Melanie becomes a stronger voice with memories that lead Wanda to the last human outpost in the desert. Here Jared, Melanie's former lover and Jaimie, Melanie's younger brother struggle with conflicting dual relationships. Meyer packs in a lot of details, which makes for some really good story-telling.