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Four-Season Harvest: Organic Vegetables from Your Home Garden All Year Long - Eliot Coleman, Kathy Bray, Barbara Damrosch

Mr. Coleman is a newbie gardener's dream author - his explanation on how to garden year round is easy to understand and very helpful. I have four raised beds and plan to build hoops on two for  my winter veggies. - all inspired by his idea that there are some plants that actually can and will thrive in cooler weather. His explanations are easy to understand and inspiring. I like that he includes non-traditional vegetables like micro-greens in his list of items to grow.


I also loved the section on creating a root cellar. It makes sense that if you are spending time and energy on growing vegetables that you should also take care with storing your precious organic homegrown veggies the right way.


There was so much good information that this book is now on my to-buy list. I expect that I will keep it as a reference for years to come.