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A Clash of Kings (A Song of Ice and Fire, #2) - George R.R. Martin

As with the first book I liked the story but didn't loooove it. We continue through the saga of a civil war and the fight for the throne in the Seven Kingdoms. There were some parts which I found sped along really well, capturing my attention completely, and others where I felt like the story dragged on a bit.

The best thing is that I started this book shortly after I read the first, I think that if any more time had passed I would have forgotten much of the back story and characters.

I still find Tyrion one of the best thought out and most personable major players within the novel - his wit and insight is appreciated by this reader. His ability to undermine Cersei and King Joffrey will make you want to clap out loud. My second favorite is Ayra, she is amazing girl and I could read a whole book just on her story.

I've started to watch the series but haven't felt really drawn into it as I know others have. Sometimes it is hard for me to translate a book into film, television show or play. I'm not rushing to the third book but will probably pick it up at some point.