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I'm here because I want to re-kindle the love I have for reading and sharing my thoughts with others. GR was my former site of choice and it makes me so sad and angry to see how things have devolved in the last year.


I love reading and smart, funny friends. Above all, I love honesty. If we don't like something, we should have the opportunity to say why. Most people are intelligent enough to take what they read and make their own decisions.


I hope this is my new and final home. To tell you the truth I am so tired of shuffling my books around. First I had them at GR and just when I thought they were all organized, I had to move them to LT. Now, I hope they can live here in peace.


Other stuff about me:

I love to travel, watch films and I work way too much.


I'm a financial advisor with my own practice - so that leaves me little time for my other passions.


I tend to become obsessed with topics, so bear with me. Knitting, cooking, gardening, social policy, historical eras - all are fair game.


I have a super-cute cat who never behaves (but that is ok).


I love to cycle and when I am not partaking in my other obsessions, I ride, even in the winter.


Good conversation and humor are some of things I value the most.