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Dear Ms. Gaskell,

North and South - Elizabeth Gaskell

I feel like we have so much in common and might have long discussions on worker's rights, social justice and workplace reform. But why must you drive me crazy with drawn out scenes?


Margaret Hale as the heroine drives a compelling story and I love your ability to contrast the industrialized North with the pastoral South through her eyes. However, I could have done with less of the details that spread out page after page. I know you must think my comments ironic considering how I love Dickens and Austen.

Fortunately, they do not kill off characters, as often as were dying or dead in North and South!

(show spoiler)


One more small thing, I do wish that the ending hadn't tied itself up so quickly. It is quite jarring for the reader. I also think that a little romantic mystery is nice; but I always knew how it would end.


Your ability to show frivolous and flighty characters was spectacular and lightened up what could have been a very heavy read.


I am definitely looking forward to reading your other novels, Cranford and Wives and Daughters.