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My second Mary Stewart

Airs Above the Ground - Mary Stewart

I didn't enjoy Airs Above the Ground, as much as my first Mary Stewart mystery and there were several reasons why. The first is that the story centered around horses and I am not a big horse person. I like horses but breeds, training and showmanship ends up being boring reading for me. The airs above the ground are beautifully described and I think that this is a great novel for horse admirers.


The mystery at the center wasn't strong in my opinion and I found very little intense page-turning happening until the end. There is a chase scene at the top of a castle through turrets and walkways that was very well written but alas it was too brief. I wish there was much more of that action throughout the book.


The pluses are the brief love connections between Vanessa March (the heroine veterinarian) and her mysterious undercover  spouse. The sassiest parts are the subtle passion and 'relations' that happen between the two married characters. I love that it isn't all detailed but there are clues to what is going down between the two.


Mary Stewart is also a great scene setter- I love her descriptions of Austria, the country side and people. As a reader you very much feel like you are there.


I know that she has some stronger novels and I will definitely be reading more.